Information for students staying at the dormitories

27.03.2020 autor: Ubytovací služba Tisk

Accommodated students who do not stay at the dormitories at the time of the education interruption due to the state of emergency will receive a 35% discount on the dormitory fee.

The discount will be granted for the period of interruption of the direct teaching or until the expiration of the accommodation contract.

Addendum to the "Accommodation Agreement" regarding discounts can be found

Send the completed form electronically to

During the period of the discount, the student must not enter the dormitory. Entering the dormitories will be considered a particularly serious breach of the concluded “Amendment to the Contract”. The accommodation contract with the student will be immediately terminated and the accommodation fee will be charged in full on the day of termination. The application for accommodation for next semester in the student´s dormitory will be automatically rejected.

The discount can only be granted to students staying at the dormitories to March 27, 2020.

If the “Supplement” is completed and delivered in March 2020, the discount will be granted from 11 March 2020. In the case of delivery of the “Supplement” after 31. 3. 2020, the discount will be granted from the date of its delivery.

If the direct teaching isn’t renewed at TUL by 19. 6. 2020, students will be informed about the date of the eviction and handover of their rooms.

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