Price List of Accommodation for Students in the Halls of Residence of the Technical University of Liberec Effective from 1 November 2022

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(incl. VAT)





Harcov (room with occupied roll-away bed)



Harcov (room with roll-away bed – block “C“)

Roll-away bed


Harcov (room with roll-away bed – blocks “D“, “E“, “F“)

Roll-away bed


Harcov  (adjustment fee for having no roommate assigned)



*reducing the number of people assigned in rooms is possible only when there is spare capacity and it must be    approved of by the staff of the Accommodation Services.

The monthly payment is done via a bank transfer. If the amount owed on the last day of the following month exceeds CZK 1000, a contractual fine of CZK 500 will be charged to be paid with the next month rent or individually in the case of termination of the contractual relationship between the accommodation provider and the student accommodated.

 Notice: It is necessary to own a Czech bank account to pay via a bank transfer. If you do not have it, you have to pay in cash or by payment card in the Accommodation Office.

As per Art. 9 of the Residential Rules, a visitor of the student can do so at the price of CZK 150/night payable in cash at the relevant reception in advance.

When the resident is checking-out, the residential management staff will calculate the final sum of the accommodation payment which is done in cash in the office of the Accommodation Services or at the given receptions (May – September). Please note that overpayments of rent must be collected on the day of checking-out of the dormitories. The money can be collected at the office of Accommodation Services or at the designed receptions (May – September).

In the academic year 2022/2023, if checking-out happens during a month, the payment for accommodation is charged until the end of the month in which the student checks out (fee for early termination of the contract) - effective for the period from 1 October 2022 inclusive.

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